Monday, April 26, 2010

Not just any perm's a musical one!

A few days ago Kennedy was playing with some old perm rods at immediate thought came into my head "aw...she might be a hairdresser like mommy!" I was SO proud! Well, she's been playing with them everyday, so we brought them home because it was easier than telling her NO. She's been playing with them everyday moving them from one container to another. No, not trying to put them into dolls hair or anything that would make sense!
That continued for a few days...until Grammy and Grandaddy came over one night!
Then the perm rods became a musical instrument! Not really what I had in mind! She began to blow on them like they were a flute! I have NO clue where this came from. It was completely random!

The instrument!

Not only was she into it...she made grandaddy do it too!

I never new perm rods could be so entertaining! lol! Next time theirs a dull moment you know what I'm pulling out! Old faithful perm rods!!
After about 30 minutes of that she moved on to tent building!

This is just a picture of Kennedy headed off to work with mommy!


AmyT said...

rotten butt!!!! She kinda looks like Mrs. Mary in that pic right about her and granddaddy! She's a mess!! love u!

Kim said...

What a cutie. That's too funny.

Jenn said...

I love her tent! Homemade tents are so much fun. We used to build them ALL the time when we were little!

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