Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Amy!

Today is my favorite sister's Birthday! I won't mention her age....she might hurt!
We (me, my mom and her) celebrated it today!
We had a complete girls day!
The morning started off at the mall, an early movie then time for some lunch and back for a little more shopping!
Oh how I LOVE sister time. It doesn't get to happen as much I would like it to (part of the reason is because of kids and lack there of time!) but when it does I cherish these moments. We always have a blast and laugh way too much!

I love you sissy and Happy Birthday!
The Birthday Girl! Right before the movie!
We seen Date was HILARIOUS!!
Then to olive garden where we at way too much!!


personalized birthday gifts said...

Belated Happy birthday to you and more birthdays to come.

AmyT said...

LOVE YOU!! It was a lot of fun - thank you!!!!!

Kim said...

Aw so sweet of you.
Happy Birthday to your sister!!! :)

I LOVE Olive Garden!!!