Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Slackin a bit too much!!!

Where do I begin? I have been a total slacker with my blog and with my blog reading! I find myself choosing to take a nap in the recliner instead of blogging at my usual time!! Every night around 9ish my husband (my WONDERFUL husband) puts our little girl down for bed and this is normally my blog/computer time. Lately, I have been chillin out in the recliner finding my self taking a night cap nap..lol! I always say "I'm just going to sit here catch up on some So You Can Dance (great show) and not even 2 minutes I'm fast asleep!!"
So, after carefully and logically thinking about this problem I have a solution to this NO energy, lazy, slackin mood I'm in.......I'M GOIN TO JOIN A GYM! I have never had a gym membership or even worked out on a regular basis so this is all new to me! Not to mention I have NO clue what to do, wear ( I say wear because if you know me I'm big into fashion!) and I'm terrified of people looking at me! The ultimate goal for me doing this is to be a much healthier and energized person!!! We'll see how it goes...lol!!!

On another note. Yesterday was my half day at work and me and Kennedy headed to mom's afterwards and done some swimming and sliding!!

After all of that swimming and sliding Kennedy needed something to regain her strength back.....a fudge sickle...as you can see she wore more than she ate!!


Jaime said...

hahaha.. at the fudge sickle pics!! Those are great!!

Looks like you guys had a blast with that slip-n-slide!

Thanks for the comments you've left me.. lol.. I'm slacking over here too!!

AmyT said...

arghhh I've been a slacker too!!!! The pics are so cute - they look like they had so much fun!!! Love you!

♥Kim said...

Ha, that is just too cute! I love the one of the two girls giving kisses!
Don't worry we all are slackers some point & time in our daily blogging lives! :)

I just went to a gym w/ my friend to visit for the 1st time ever, & I didn't know what to where or do either, lol, but definitley gives you motivation!
Good luck, & I hope you enjoy!

Kerri said...

Good luck with the gym...You will love it...especially the ALONE time:-)

Aspiemom said...

I would think you would get a big workout chasing after cute little Kennedy! But knock yourself out!

It's hard to keep up with blogs. Sometimes I jump around the ones I follow and don't comment, sometimes I don't have time to visit them...I go in spells.

Nice pics!

Alicia W. said...

Don't worry about it - we all need a break from time to time from our blogs. It feels good to just getaway and live life without documentation. :) Glad you girls had a great time over at your Mom's in the water. YUM! I haven't had a fudge sickle in years.. instant craving! LOL

♥Kim said...

I tagged you! Check my blog out, have fun! :)

petrii said...

What a cutie that Kennedy is!!!

Oh yes the gym. I remember the gym. You will look cute no matter what you wear!!

Keep us updated, I'd love to hear what you think about gym life =)

Have a Blessed and Beautiful SYTYCD season finale dances kind of night,

Traci said...

Hey...I think i'm queen of the blog slacking!!!! Can't imagine you falling asleep in the recliner??!!...lol...

Love the pics!

writing4612 said...

I love fudge sickles! She's too cute.