Monday, June 22, 2009

Meet our little Friend!

Sunday afternoon me, Adam and Kennedy went to my Grandmothers for Sunday lunch!! We ate lunch, chit-chatted for a while and met a new little friend!
Like at home the dragon flies love to make friends with the everyone......or attack!!! This one was pretty friendly! Unlike the ones at home!!!

This little fellow even landed on Kennedy's finger (with mommy's help!).


AmyT said...

awwll so cute - we had so much fun yesterday!!!! love her outfit!

Alicia W. said...

That is way too NEAT! I love how it just landed on your finger. See, This is why us Mom's always have a camera near by.. to capture that moment and then BLOG about it later, lol.

petrii said...

Okay so can I please show my country prowess ~~ do dragonflies bite?!! Yes I know....sad that I don't know this. I've always kind of stayed away from them. Are they my friend?! =)

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Tuesday,

Hollie said...

Okay you look way too relaxed to be holding that dragonfly! so cool! those things just don't know the meaning of personal space do they?!

super cute pics Ab!

♥..Kim said...

So Sweet! I have to ask but, how did you look so good after having a baby. You are so cute & skiny, makes me sick. lol Love all of your photos! I have been a BIG slacker on reading on everyone's blog. Forgive me for not commenting as much as I'd like!

writing4612 said...

That's too cute!