Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday party and Sunday dinner!

Saturday my nephew Braxton had his 5Th Birthday party! Amy, my sister rented this huge water slide for the entertainment! I have to say this was the BEST idea! The kids enjoyed it and kept them entertained the whole time!!

Braxton, the Birthday boy!

The kids had such a great time and so did Kennedy! And yes, that's my little one with the diaper over her bathing suit! I forgot swimmer diapers and she was done playing in the water so I slapped a regular diaper over her bathing suit! I know it's totally redneck but got the job done!

Braxton getting ready to slide down!

Me and my sister Amy!

This past Sunday Granny Shirley fixed Sunday dinner, and may I add it was WONDERFUL! Thanks to Hollie for the mac n cheese and the kit kat bars it topped it off!! I really enjoyed the family time and also a great meal!!!

Kennedy and Hardie Joe!

Kennedy and Kate!

Kennedy, Kate and Pa (or as the girls would say it Paw!)

After lunch Kennedy took an extremely long nap! It had to be a record setting time!! Like 3 hours, in which she woke up in a very good mood! By this time it was time to head back to church! So, to top off the 3 hour nap, daddy taught her to do something new.........

Now, she likes to tell me and whoever else to shhhhhhh...................!!!


Chitown Meg said...

What great photos! And how fun of a slide is that!! Did adults get to go on it too?? :) Haha.

AmyT said...

awlll glad you guys came!!! It was so much fun!! cute pics!! LOVE YOU!

petrii said...

Your hair looks so cute. Are you growing it out?!! It is so adorable!!

That water slide looks like so much fun. Did Kennedy go down it?

I love the redneck comment and diaper over the swimsuit.

You crack me up!!! =)

Have a Blessed and Beautiful evening,

Alicia W. said...

I have been thinking about renting one of those slides for a birthday party. They are so neat and I think well worth the money. The kids and even some adults LOVE IT. What a great party. Your little one looked soo dern cute in her little bathing suit. LOVE your jewerly. So pretty against your golden brown skin.

I had a spray tan done today b/c were going to the beach this weekend and I didn't want to look like a vampire. I'm loving how tan I look.. Just wish it would last longer. :(

Tina Davis said...

i love the shhh pic!very cute!!

Hollie said...

that slide does look like so much fun! for adults too! haaha!

and tell kiki that aunt hollie said, "shhhhhh!"

Kasey said...

I would be all over that slide!!! I love your sunglasses! Kennedy is getting too big! Oh, and thanks for reminding me I am going to try those kitkat bars.

Megan said...

OK, that water slide thing is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Looks like a fun party!

kLl said...

How cute! Sounds like you had a great weekend. I would love to come join in on the water slide haha

Bridget said...

She's already telling you to shhh just wait for the eye rolls haha...she is adorable!!!

Jill said...

Ha Ha... the diaper over the bathing suit is too funny! Love the shhh...