Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kennedy's first field trip

Kennedy's first field trip was to our local corn maze/pumpkin patch. They also have animals, a hay ride, a tub of corn to play in, and many other little things for them to do!
She absolutely LOVED it!
It was so neat to watch her with her classmates. Interacting and playing with them. They have the funniest conversations!
She had to sport her pumpkin shirt made by my good friend Jenn!

Going in the corn maze with cousin Bryce.

Picking out her pumpkin.

These two pretty much hung out the whole day.

We had a blast.

Lets just say mama was wore slap out by the end of the day!

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AmyT said...

Too cute!!!! Bryce is a cutie too - I'm glad they are in class together!!! Looks like fun. Started a new blog a while back....