Monday, August 9, 2010

Orange and White?? Don't think they're my colors!!

Goodness the week and weekends have been flying by too fast! It seems like I blink my eyes and it's Friday and then we start a new work week again!

This past weekend was super low-key. We had dinner with some friends and then just hung out around the house.

Sunday was church....which was pretty eventful!

You see me and my mom teach the 1yr. olds...well pretty much entertain the 1yr. olds. It's pretty hard to teach them a song or a verse so we do the best we can to keep them occupied and entertained. I guess I can say I failed miserably this Sunday. We had a little one that wasn't too happy to leave her Grandma. I thought I had the situation under control because she started playing and having a great time so the Grandma snuck out. All of a sudden she's started bursting out into tears. So, I picked her up with a calming voice to try to consul her...well that was working at I proceeded with you want your juice, cookie, um......I don't!! Well, lets just say she worked herself in such a tizzy she puked all over me, the floor and lets just say orange puke doesn't look so hot on a white dress! Thankfully, it was only a little and most hit the floor. After that we went to get her Grandma and ALL was fine.

On the way home my hubby had noticed a few speckles that had gotten missed from the clean up on my dress and he says (with a completely grossed out look) "what's on your dress?" I replied "Oh that's puke that I missed....oops!!" HA!!! Guess that's the price you pay working with little ones...but I LOVE it!

After all that we headed to eat with the fam...And NO, I didn't let that ruin my appetite!!

Here are a few pics from lunch!

Me and Brittany

Kennedy and Hardie Joe

Kennedy and Sara


Love Lace said...

I love your new background! I'm glad that little girl was better when her Grandma was back again...but, your poor white dress!!!

Aspiemom said...

The pictures are beautiful!

I don't miss the vomit on my clothes. :)

Kim said...

Haven't been on your blog in a while, forgive me. But I love the new layout! Very cute!!! :) I need to give mine a new look. :)

You poor thing, I know that wasn't what you expected that morning. Hope those stains came out!

Love your pictures!!!

(I'll be teaching the younger 2's in Sep. can't wait!)

Carrie said...

Oh man, what is it about kids puking that isn't quite so disgusting after you have one of your own?!

Lulu said...

funny story:) I just wanted to say that your daughter is so adorable!!

Michelle said...

Abbi, Thanks! I have more pictures on my Facebook...take a look and let me know if/what you would like me to make!

Kennedy is growing like a weed!! She is beautiful :)

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

I just came across your have such a beautiful family!!

Maura said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I enjoyed the visit! Your family is beautiful, your Kennedy has such a sweet little smile!