Monday, May 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Me and Kennedy are SO glad!

Her first words to her daddy was "Daddy we found you!"

Words can't describe the weight I feel lifted off my shoulders! Praise the Lord he's home safe and sound!
Yes, this is my home made spray painted sign I done by myself! HAHA!!!

Our first Sunday back at church as a family!


petrii said...

How GREAT that your hubby is home!! Y'all make such a beautiful family!!!

Have a Blessed week,

Love Lace said...

Yay!!! You survived and are a stronger woman because of your time apart! So happy that you all are back together! I love Kennedy's first words to her Dad, how precious!!!

Kimberly said...

Where was your husband? can you tell us?

GirlB300 said...

So happy for you all that he's home! Your family is beautiful!

AmyT said...

I know you guys are so excited - I'm glad you're happy!

Carrie said...

Huge praise. So glad to hear your honey is home.